Lori and I are working hard to make our next auctions a memorable one! Did you know that we are a hands-on Auction Company. Lori and I pick up the merchandise, carefully clean it if necessary, photograph it, describe it, pack it for shipping to the auction site, unpack it and set it up for preview? As the auctioneer, I have handled the auction items at least 6 times before I get up on the stage to sell it. Therefore, unlike auctioneers that fly in the night before the auction, I know exactly what I am selling and can honestly reflect my knowledge of the items to the audience.

So mark your calendars now for our Fall, 2012 Auction, October 5, 6 & 7 at the Washtenaw Farm Council Grounds in Ann Arbor, MI.  Our Flyer for our Fall Auction will be mailed out around August 5th and the catalogs will be ready to be mailed around September 5th.  You can make your reservations at the Weber’s Inn (our host hotel) by calling (734) 769-2500. Make your reservations early as there are a lot of events scheduled at the University of Michigan.